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Next IRGS General Meeting

Tuesday December 8, 2020
11am - 12:30pm
The Indian River Genealogical Society is pleased to announce Patricia Erickson as our program speaker at our virtual annual meeting on Tuesday, December 8, 2020. Pat will speak at 11:00 am followed by our annual meeting and holiday celebration.
This meeting will occur as a webinar only. IRGS members will receive an email from IRGS in December with a link and instructions to register for the webinar to access from your home computer or smart phone. We invite any non-member to join us through PayPal on this site or by emailing us prior to December 1st at for a complimentary link to the webinar.
Speaker:  Patricia Erickson
“Food, Family and Culture"
How does exploring the food of our ancestors enhance our understanding of our heritage? Are there customs related to food that are a part of your family today? How do we pass on to future generations our family's food and culture?
Pat Erickson PhD, an IRGS member, has taught Foods of Other Cultures at the university level. Academically, food played a part in the course work of her Bachelors, Masters, and PhD degrees. Pat collected cookbooks from the countries she visited internationally. In retirement, she has spent time connecting food and genealogy.
What better time than the holidays to remember and celebrate our heritage with food!


The IRISH GIG will meet Wednesday Dec 2, at 2pm via Zoom.  
The GERMAN GIG will meet Thursday Dec 10, at 3:30 pm via Zoom.  The topic will be " Using the FamilySearch Wiki for German Research."
The DNA GIG will meet Thursday Dec 17, at 2pm via Zoom. The discussion will be on using DNA to help answer a research question.  Members will be asked to form a research question prior to the meeting.  The discussion will include a virtual workshop to share research questions.
Contact the GIG leaders to join or email to be added to a GIG distribution (please specify which GIG)


We are preparing for our Family History Discovery Workshop in mid-late December.  Members Keira Murphy and Miles Meyer will lead the two day programs for teens ages 12-18.  The workshops will be held remotely by Zoom. We have pre-workshop activities including scavenger hunts and escape rooms, short lessons on researching the census and newspapers, and group discussions where they can share their discoveries.  Keira and Miles need research assistance to develop questions relating to the census and newspapers.  For complete instructions, please contact Miles Meyer at today.  We need and greatly appreciate the volunteer help of our members.  Please help us!  Thank you.
Several members have been brainstorming on how to involve younger generations to develop an interest in genealogy.  Marilyn Case, Debbie Garber, Mike Godown, Sheila O’Shell, Keira Murphy, Michelle Wagner, and Miles Meyer have met several times this month.  Keira will lead a new young adult genealogy program as part of our community education outreach.  Thanks Keira!
     The committee plans to have several virtual events in December over the school break for youth ages 12-18.  Activities are planned to engage the participants in various activities and tools to encourage them to learn and investigate their family history.  The goal is to create an awareness of genealogy, learn related technology, and encourage multi-generational dialog.
     Thank you to the Laura (Riding) Jackson Foundation for assisting us in promoting the event to students at Sebastian High School.  We are now reaching out to other local middle and high schools to participate. 

Please Note

Since we are holding virtual webinars during the pandemic,  we are unable to present or vote on our financial reports and minutes. Therefore we are posting these reports under Members Only Member Resources with the Title beginning with "Pandemic" for each report type. Please feel free to review these reports and direct questions to
For any report requiring approval of the membership, we will vote retroactively once our regular meetings resume.  Thank you.

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