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Tech Tips

November  2019                                    Backing up Your Computer
                                                         View Powerpoint Presentation (pdf)
February 2019                                    RootsTech 2019 and Archive
                                                         View Powerpoint Presentation (pdf)
January 2019                                    Feedly - a Tool to Organize Your Genealogy News
November  2018                                     Transfer Ancestry DNA to MyHeritage
May 2018                                      Historic Maps: Daviad Rumsey and Historic Map Works
April 2018                                      IRGS Website Overview - Obituary Index and DNA Tip
March 2018                                            IRGS Website Overview - Surname Database
February 2018                                                   IRGS Website Overview
January 2018                                                   Backing up Your Computer
November 2017                                               Organizing with OneNote
April 2017                                                
March 2017                                                        Books Online
February 2017                                             RootsTech 2017 Videos & Wiki's
January 2017                                           HistoryGeo.Com – First Landowners
December 2016                          Library edition of– Sending “Discoveries” Home
November 2016                          Using Google Alerts in Your Genealogical Reseach
May 2016                          Feedly - a tool to organize your genealogy news
April 2016                          Learning FamilySearch Family Tree
March 2016                           IRGS Website Overview - Part 3
February 2016                           IRGS Website Overview - Part 2
January 2016                           IRGS Website Overview
October 2015                            October Tech Minute  - Backing Up Your Work
April 2015                               April  Tech Minute  - HeritageQuest
March 2015                     March Tech Minute  - Family Search Wiki
January 2015                  January Tech Minute  - Keeping Up by Reading Blogs Using FEEDLY
December 2014             December Tech Minute -   Free Guest Account
November 2014             November Tech Minute - Reivew of selected features of our IRGS Website
October 2014             October Tech Minute - More on Finding Gold in Family Search Un-indexed Records
May 2014       May Tech Minute - How to use Podcasts
April 2014      April Tech Minute - Using Google Earth with Historical Maps 
                     - Looks at David Rumsey Maps and Historical Map Works along with Google Earth
March 2014        March Tech Minute - 4 Suggestions from our IRGS Website
February 2014  Feb Tech Minute - 4 Helpful  Suggestions from our IRGS Website
January 2014   Helpful Links for Beginning Genealogy -  handout for Beginning Genealogy class - dozens of links to websites
January 2014:  Find valuable records among the millions of unindexed records on