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February Webinar Handouts and Workshop

February 20th Webinar Handouts
included in above
Please look under Videos in Members Only to see the recordings of both presentations (available for 30 days).
Additional Material courtesy of Kurt Bressner - Early Colonial Genealogical Resources

February 6th Research Workshop
This workshop will discuss preparing for the February 20 Virtual Genealogy Conference on early immigration through Boston and Philadelphia.  The purpose is to share techniques and tools helpful for researching.  Participants are asked to briefly describe their approach for preparing for a conference speaker.
Consider questions such as:
How do you identify persons of interest for a given location?
Do you have specific research questions formatted according to suggested genealogical standards?
Do you brainstorm on resouces to consider to assist you in recognizing potential resouces identified by the speaker?
Do you prepare questions in advance?
Do you takes notes on the Conference program for follow-up action?
If you have favorite research links or tools, please send them to and we will add them below.
It is a Zoom meeting on Saturday February 6 at 1pm.  All members are invited and will receive an email with the link the week before. 
A Process Map and various helpful forms and tools are noted below.
Process Map (Overview of Research Process)